Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where did you get that?

Friday night Ryan spent the night at grandma and grandpa's and when Emmalee figured it out she demanded her sleepover night too. So Saturday night both kids spend the night. Keith and I had a great night of listing their old clothes for Munchkin Markets. I know so romantic! Anyways, this morning I had to work at 10 and was not sure what time the kids were coming home so I called around 9:00am and learned they had slept in and Ryan was still sleeping. Why they can't do this at home? I have no idea. Grandma informed me they were going to hockey at 1:00pm and they would drop the kids off after. Nice!

On my way home from work at 7:30pm I called my mom to see how the day went and her first words were "oh, we miss them so much." She then continued on to tell me how funny Emmalee is. You see at the hockey game there was a candy crane. You know the thing that cost 50 cents for a chance to win a piece of old stale candy. Anyway, Em decided the candy was free for her. She stuck her head in the drop slot and  then reached her hand up inside the machine and pulled out a sucker. After a few minutes she was tired of the sucker so she crawled up again to the point of only seeing her plumbers crack while she pulled out some off brand candy she didn't like. The next 3 pulls were great she got a small plastic horse, butterfly and frog.  Being as loving as she is she was kind enough to ask grandpa and Ryan if they wanted anything, like it was her personal store.

As my mom told me this story all I could think of is "oh, em you never seem to amaze me"

PS... stealing is not part of 20/20 haha

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