Thursday, April 1, 2010

how do you know this stuff?

It has been brought to my attention (by Kris and Julie at work) many times that I know random things that no one else knows... or really cares about so I thought I would make a list of a few of them.

1. If you shoes or boots (uggs) stink freeze them. By freezing them you kill all the bacteria.
2. if you put a dry sheet in your pocket not only will you smell good, no flying bug will come by you because it makes their wings not work. (great for flies at the statefair! or mosquito's in the summer! )
3. If you have food stuck on your pans (even after it has been in the dishwasher) soak it over night with warm water and a fabric softener sheet. The anti static will make the food come loose. In the morning grab a new sheet and wipe all the food away.
4. If you are cold change your clothes...esp your undies. Your clothes hold moisture that can control your body temperature. Never wear anything you wore all day to bed.
5. In the winter you lose 50% of your body heat out of your head... so wear a hat!
6. When you are over heated run cold water over the veins in your wrists... having the cold blood run through your body will cool you down.
7. put a dyer sheet in your suitcase before you store it. it will not get musty.
8. clean your shower walls and doors with a dryer sheet to get rid of soap scum.
9. Speaking of dryer sheets... did you know a 1/2 of sheet does the same amount of work as a whole one.
10. one more use for a dryer sheet.... when you get new blinds, TV, or computer wipe them down with a dryer sheet. It will eliminate static and stop dust from settling on the item.
11. rub wax paper on your closet bars to stop the annoying noise and make the hangers move smoothly.
12. If you have a gift receipt with only a few of the items from your original transaction you can still use that receipt for anything from that transaction even if it is not printed on the receipt.
13. Most stores can look up your purchases using your credit card or bank routing number off a check. That way if you lose your slip you can still get back what you paid for it.
14. your deodorant also works as a chaffing cream / stops chaffing.
15. American girl has a huge sale twice a year. Learn about it here:
16. If an airline changes your flight time you can pick any other time during that day and no fee will be added. aka when booking with air tran book the cheapest flight. Then when they change your time switch to the direct flight that is more expensive for no added fee.
17. 1/2 cup of vinegar  in your load of whites makes your whites super clean.
18. For a clogged or slow drain pour a box of baking soda in then a bottle of vinegar and watch it bubble away.
19.... okay I had a bunch more but my computer "updated" and I lost a bunch so here is your first batch.

Feel free to add your own! or do like Julie and just ask "Do you know....."