Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's alive!!

Two weeks ago Emmalee came home from the cabin with her bugbox. In the bug box was one stick, one lady bug, one green leaf and the prize in the box was a big green caterpillar.

In the first night there were many changes in the box. The leaf dried out and rolled up, the ladybug died, and the caterpillar spun a cocoon!!  It is so cool how that thing worked overnight and spun a bunch of tiny fibers into a solid mass.

For two weeks the bugbox was the center piece of our kitchen table and we waited to see if anything would come of it. On Monday, as I was leaving for work, I noticed the bugbox was gone! I first assumed one of the kids took it but then noticed it was on the floor. The thing struggled so hard to get out it made the very heavy duty wooden box... okay so it was a cheap Target dollar spot box .... but still it walked it off the table. As all of this was happening Ryan came in all excited to see the beautiful butterfly that had emerged (because that's what Eric Carle says happens in his book) well much to his dismay it was an ugly brown moth laying belly up. I quickly informed Ryan that the moth had hurt his head when he fell from the table and was sleeping it off. I left for work with the intentions of dumping the box and making it look like I had freed the moth.

Well like any good overwhelmed mom I completely forgot about it until last night around midnight when Keith came running unto the bedroom to tell me the moth was alive and flapping. At first I thought he was just excited the thing lived but then realized no, he was really just scared of the flapping noise and the possibility of it getting out. I told him to cut the screen outside and let it go. Which he did... and he survived... I mean Keith survived and so did the moth.

When I left this morning it was still in the box, belly up, flapping away. So I shook it out of the hole and watched it lay on the patio table flapping. Three hours later when I got home it was gone so either it flew away, blew away, or something ate it.

Biggest lesson the kids learned? ... Not all caterpillars are beautiful butterflies and daddy doesn't like bugs.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

brain download

So I have a love hate relationship with the blog... I love to do it but I hate trying to find the time to squeeze one more thing into my day. Plus what should I blog about? work, kids, saving money tips, Disney? I really don't have a focus other then random babbles. So let's hit each topic listed above today and hopefully I can find a focus for next time!

Work: I am now working 3 jobs! Asst. Manager at Gymboree Rosedale, Youth Minister for Spirit of Hope, and Youth Minister for St. Anne's. This really fills up my calendar fast!

Kids: Both Ry and Em are playing t-ball and Grandpa is coaching them. This fills on Monday and Tuesday nights with fun! Ryan is really into Lego and got to attend his first Lego club last weekend. Em is her lovable self who never seems to surprise me.

Saving money: Well that comes down to two things. Craigslisting our old stuff and shopping at rainbow. We save at least 40% on food by doing double coupon dazes.

Disney: My beloved place. There are so many new and wonderful things going on at both DL and WDW this summer I try not to read to much into it. I have a few friends planning trips right now which is always super fun for me.

okay so this entry is really boring and not exciting or funny at all... I will try better next time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Emmalee!!

Today has been one of those days where I wish I had a snowbank to put Em in... or at least it would stop raining so she could run around in the back yard.

It started with her screaming to wake me up and it hasn't stopped!

First she got made at YouTube because the screen saver came on during her show so she kicked my laptop to the floor... Keith is letting me use his while he runs the 6th "fix-it program" so far it isn't fixing it.

Then she got mad she couldn't go outside so she kicked off her shoe and hit the lamp which created a chain reaction of things falling over but thank God my hutch didn't break.

So far the last victim of her day was my plant that lost a few branches to the ball she managed to kick to the ceiling and back down right on top of it.

The day is almost over and I go back to work tomorrow. I have never been so happy

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where have you been?

I had stopped blogging because life got so busy but I have found I really miss it. So let me give you the quick update...

Emmalee is still her sweet little self who really only likes to were three things: jammies, swimsuits and sundresses. Not much is new with her other then she has no fear. I am sure by the end of summer I will be blogging about her ER visit.

Ryan has picked up on reading and can't get enough. If you happen to see him ask him about the Very Hungry Caterpillar and he will recite the whole book for you. We recently had Ry's IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting and everyone is torn if he should go to K next year or first grade. The more I think about it I think K.

Keith is still working from home and loving that he can have his daily run to the lake. He has also picked up many computer side jobs via craigslist and my new ministry adventures!

This month marked one year of no full-time employment for me but then in the same week that I got approved for another 6 months of unemployment I was hired as the full-time assistant manager at the Rosedale Gymboree and was hired as a part-time youth minister for St. Anne's Church in Sunfish Lake. I am also still the part time youth minister at my church, Spirit of Hope.

As you can see we are staying busy but we were able to get away for the weekend and head up to the cabin. This weekend Em caught her first fish and Ryan found BEAR POOP in our yard!

Happy Mother's Day to all. I am truly blessed with all God has given me as a Mother.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

how do you know this stuff?

It has been brought to my attention (by Kris and Julie at work) many times that I know random things that no one else knows... or really cares about so I thought I would make a list of a few of them.

1. If you shoes or boots (uggs) stink freeze them. By freezing them you kill all the bacteria.
2. if you put a dry sheet in your pocket not only will you smell good, no flying bug will come by you because it makes their wings not work. (great for flies at the statefair! or mosquito's in the summer! )
3. If you have food stuck on your pans (even after it has been in the dishwasher) soak it over night with warm water and a fabric softener sheet. The anti static will make the food come loose. In the morning grab a new sheet and wipe all the food away.
4. If you are cold change your clothes...esp your undies. Your clothes hold moisture that can control your body temperature. Never wear anything you wore all day to bed.
5. In the winter you lose 50% of your body heat out of your head... so wear a hat!
6. When you are over heated run cold water over the veins in your wrists... having the cold blood run through your body will cool you down.
7. put a dyer sheet in your suitcase before you store it. it will not get musty.
8. clean your shower walls and doors with a dryer sheet to get rid of soap scum.
9. Speaking of dryer sheets... did you know a 1/2 of sheet does the same amount of work as a whole one.
10. one more use for a dryer sheet.... when you get new blinds, TV, or computer wipe them down with a dryer sheet. It will eliminate static and stop dust from settling on the item.
11. rub wax paper on your closet bars to stop the annoying noise and make the hangers move smoothly.
12. If you have a gift receipt with only a few of the items from your original transaction you can still use that receipt for anything from that transaction even if it is not printed on the receipt.
13. Most stores can look up your purchases using your credit card or bank routing number off a check. That way if you lose your slip you can still get back what you paid for it.
14. your deodorant also works as a chaffing cream / stops chaffing.
15. American girl has a huge sale twice a year. Learn about it here:
16. If an airline changes your flight time you can pick any other time during that day and no fee will be added. aka when booking with air tran book the cheapest flight. Then when they change your time switch to the direct flight that is more expensive for no added fee.
17. 1/2 cup of vinegar  in your load of whites makes your whites super clean.
18. For a clogged or slow drain pour a box of baking soda in then a bottle of vinegar and watch it bubble away.
19.... okay I had a bunch more but my computer "updated" and I lost a bunch so here is your first batch.

Feel free to add your own! or do like Julie and just ask "Do you know....."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Food Revolution

I don't know if any of you have seen the new show on ABC called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution but I am in LOVE with this show. If ever there was a TV show that was screaming at me this is it. The show has been at an elementary school showing what the kids eat and it is all high fat processed food. I am happy to say for all of my years in school I was a "hot lunch kid" and Ryan thus far has been the same. Ryan is even lucky enough to have free breakfast everyday. Although after watching all of this I wonder just how lucky we really are / were.

On Saturday's show they showed how a chicken nugget is made... YUCK (I think I might have puked a bit in my mouth) All the leftover chicken parts and fat in a blender then covered in more fat to hide the bloody chunks inside. I am going to have a hard time ever feeding my kid's their favorite meal of nuggets again.

There is a family they are following that only eats processed foods, fast foods...etc. and they never cook. This week they went to the doctor to learn the real state of their health. WOW ... they are a really sick family. As I watched I saw so much of myself. Let me be real honest for a minute. I don't cook. Why don't I cook? it use to be because of my job. Working  70 hours a week just didn't allow time for it. Then I became this coupon crazy girl. Have you ever seen a coupon for free fruit or veggies? Which I admit I love coupons, and free stuff, but I think it is time I really start looking at what we are eating and take a little bit better care of ourselves and our children.

Tonights dinner:
Chicken Breasts on the grill
frozen mixed veggies (that I got for free)
frozen dinner rolls (that I got for free)
1% milk... I am trying REALLY hard to give up 2%
Oh and a few chips for the kids so they don't die on the first night of new dinners. :)

We will see how long I can make this last!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As you read a few posts back I have be come a fan of coupon's but I don't use all of them. An example would be diapers or denture paste. Last night I had this great idea of coupon circles. Here is my thought.

If I clip the coupons I will use and keep them but then cut every other coupon I won't use and I send it on to the next person they would take out what they would use and add what they would not use. (They would also have to take out and toss anything that had expired). If there was a circle of five people and each sending to the same person each week you would get a new envelope every week and could really help yourself as well as others.

Does this sounds crazy? Does it sounds like a lot of work? Should there only people people from your area in your circle? Or people from all over so you would get different coupons? Would you want people at different stages in their lives to be in your circle? (so the diaper and denture coupons both get used) If I organized it I would start a whole new blog dedicated coupon circling but before I do that I want to know if people would join in? So give me your thoughts????

Thanks for reading!