Monday, March 29, 2010

Food Revolution

I don't know if any of you have seen the new show on ABC called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution but I am in LOVE with this show. If ever there was a TV show that was screaming at me this is it. The show has been at an elementary school showing what the kids eat and it is all high fat processed food. I am happy to say for all of my years in school I was a "hot lunch kid" and Ryan thus far has been the same. Ryan is even lucky enough to have free breakfast everyday. Although after watching all of this I wonder just how lucky we really are / were.

On Saturday's show they showed how a chicken nugget is made... YUCK (I think I might have puked a bit in my mouth) All the leftover chicken parts and fat in a blender then covered in more fat to hide the bloody chunks inside. I am going to have a hard time ever feeding my kid's their favorite meal of nuggets again.

There is a family they are following that only eats processed foods, fast foods...etc. and they never cook. This week they went to the doctor to learn the real state of their health. WOW ... they are a really sick family. As I watched I saw so much of myself. Let me be real honest for a minute. I don't cook. Why don't I cook? it use to be because of my job. Working  70 hours a week just didn't allow time for it. Then I became this coupon crazy girl. Have you ever seen a coupon for free fruit or veggies? Which I admit I love coupons, and free stuff, but I think it is time I really start looking at what we are eating and take a little bit better care of ourselves and our children.

Tonights dinner:
Chicken Breasts on the grill
frozen mixed veggies (that I got for free)
frozen dinner rolls (that I got for free)
1% milk... I am trying REALLY hard to give up 2%
Oh and a few chips for the kids so they don't die on the first night of new dinners. :)

We will see how long I can make this last!!

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  1. I happened to see that show over the weekend while visiting family. I agree how gross it really is & how our society has turned to processed foods. It's worse that the schools only look at cost and not so much the health of the children.

    I have faith that you & your family will be able to switch over! It's not easy to do but you can do it :) I grew up with mostly processed foods and now Dave & I eat so much healthy food I sometimes have a hard time having snacks in the house.

    Take one day at a time and you can do it!!!