Monday, March 22, 2010

How Do You?

Ryan's new favorite question is "how do you spell..." or "How do you read..." and Emmalee's is "how do you write...?" I love that both of my kids love school, however do you know frustrating it can be?

It is frustrating to me because let's be honest... I use spell check and I can't spell 1-800- ask- Gary. I get to 1-8-0 ... and Ryan screams ''SPELL it!" Suddenly we are both frustrated and neither of us is understood.The same thing happens if I read a book and change the words or skip a few. I am not sure if he has memorized the book or does first letter reading as I read. Either way he is learning and that is the ultimate goal.

Emmalee on the other hand wants to do everything Ryan does but doesn't have the skill level. This morning she was coloring and said I can make a circle but my triangle is wrong, fix it. I grabbed the crayon and drew a new triangle and then was told ''no not like that!" I guess it wasn't perfect. Her other huge frustration is her name. She so badly wants to write her name but when I make connecting dots for her she gets very upset when her lines aren't perfect. Wait till she has to write Emmalee Elizabeth Hochschild, I think her perfectionism will fade away. Sadly she has a whole year to wait till she can go to school, but thankful that means she has another year to practice that long name before she gets to school.

The main thing I have learned is that I would fail horribly at home schooling!

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