Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have a question... or two... or 100!!

In the last week Emmalee has found her voice and become extremely inquisitive. Let me run you through the first five minutes of my morning.

I wake up to "Mama is you sleepin?'' ... "You gonna get up?"... "You help me?" ... "Where is my blanket?" ..."Where is my juice cup?"...  "You fill my purple juice cup?"...

At this point I know I have no chance so I open my eyes and it continues.

"You awake now mama?"... "You come down stairs?"... "Where is Simba?"... "You go first?"... "No, I go first"... "You get new jammies?"... "You like my jammies?"... "you like my jammies?' ..."Where is Ryan?"... "Is Ryan at school?'... "Where is daddy?"... "Is daddy waiting for the bus?"... "You workin today?"... "I go potty, you go potty too?'' ... "Whatcha doin?" "You do it by yourself?'' "I help you" "I gonna have a drink?" "Where is my blanket?" "put it in my hair?" "it from your hair?" I would love to tell you what other questions she asks but after the first five minutes I start to glaze over and turn into the uh huh mama. You know, the mom that just says "uh huh" no matter what you ask.

It is a mystery how she hasn't lost her voice or run out of questions, but I guess it is just one more reason why she is special!

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