Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another savings tip...

A couple of times this week people have asked me "how do you know where the deals are" so I thought I would jot down some of the basics.

I highly suggest opening up an email account to be used just for sign ups. Then go to all your favorite stores websites and sign up for their emails. Go to free coupon sites, sweepstakes sites etc. By having a separate account you don't have to read them all day everyday they can be there when you need to shop for something.

Before you buy online google search the stores name and then "coupon code". Often you can find coupon codes to apply to your order.

Also before you buy anything "froogle it" go to Froogle is a search engine owned by google  that will find you the lowest price on an item.  Once you have froogled do the tip before this one to get an even lower price.

Check the thrift stores first! Goodwill gets all of Target's "leftovers" and if you are in southern WI they also get Johnson and Johnson's seasonal items as well. In MN we are lucky to have a goodwill outlet where everything is 1.29 a pound. Another one of my favorite chain thrift store's is Unique Thrift and Ark Value Village. If you have never been thrifting what are you waiting for?

Ask stores when they get in new stuff or what day is mark down day or what day sales typically start on. It never hurts to ask.

Well, I hope you learned something new and it will save you a little green!

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