Saturday, March 6, 2010

bulldog bull

As I write this many of my high school classmates are attending a fundraiser to try and save our high school. A few weeks ago it was formally announced that St. Bernard's high school will be closing after this school year. I have sat back and read the good, the bad, and the insane but I have to write a few of my thoughts somewhere so here goes...

If you really think this problem just started dream on! If you really think you can raise one million dollars ... and then get donors to commit to giving for years to come your dreaming... and if you think Pohlad and Nassaf will bail out SBH like they did Agnes you really are crazy!

I have worked in the Roman Catholic church for seven years. When something is decided they don't go back. They decided to pull the loan. Meaning SBH had to pay it up right now or close. Plus all the daily expenses the Arch has been paying for. There is no possible way for them to raise enough money to pay the loan, pay salaries and promise there will be givers in the year ahead.

I feel sorry for all the staff, students, and families that have kids in the school right now. I also feel bad for anyone who has donated money to the school in the last few weeks, or during the phone-a-thon. Way to send the money out of the north end and right up the hill to all the men waiting to laugh in your face!

Good bye SBH.... as someone suggested... You would make a great lightrail stop or senior housing location. No matter what the outcome... I hope the Church of St. Bernard can remain open and do the community some good with the building.

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  1. When I saw this on the news tonight, I was feeling the same as you--it's over--sad, but over. My friend at work, whose son is a freshmen at SBH, agrees with me too. She is moving on. She already submitted her paperwork to Concordia Academy. Go Beacons!