Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to the "system"

Saturday Keith and I received a letter that has summoned us to court next Tuesday. Why you ask? Because Ryan is a truant student. We got this letter stating we could be fined or have jail time blah blah blah and I figured no big deal this has to be a mistake. I will call school on Monday. I called yesterday and the truant officer doesn't have voice mail so I left a paper message but didn't get a call back so I emailed Ryan's teacher asking where this lady's office was because today I was going to show up at her door and get an explanation. Well the threat to show up worked I got a call first thing this morning. Except I didn't get the explanation I was looking for. You see every time Ryan has missed school I have emailed his teacher, just like I had been told to do. Well really you have to call the "absent hot line" everyday the child misses school and the child must have a handwritten note restating the reason for absent on the first day back or it is not an excused absent.

What happens now? Well we first go to court. Hopefully I have a copy of every email I ever sent to his teacher. Then hopefully there will be no fines or jail time but most of the time a social worker from the child protective agency will be assigned to your child and will make a few home visits before we are release from the "system"

I don't know if I should scream or cry! and if I should scream who should it be at? 


  1. Ack! You guys are good parents, hopefully the judge will realize that! Praying for you!