Friday, March 5, 2010

And we're OFF....

I have been working a lot lately and mostly the 1-9:30pm shift meaning I don't see Ryan much. When I realized Ryan didn't have school today and I was not working I begged... okay asked... Keith to take the day off so we could all do something together. I didn't have to ask twice and he said I am not working Friday... WOO HOO.

A few weeks ago my good friend Angela told me the MN science museum membership paid for itself in two visits (If you are on state insurance or reduced school lunches you get it 1/2 price and it pays for itself in one visit) and you not only get to see the exhibits but you get to see an omni show each time you go. We went a few weeks back and the kids had a blast. It has been a great place for the kids and Keith to go when I am working long weekend hours. When we learned we could also get a children's museum membership at a discount because we had a science membership we also jumped on that opportunity. (This was not part of 20/20 but rather... mission: hello tax return haha)

Yesterday it was decided we would visit both musuem's today and to make the day even more excited Dylan, my 6 year nephew,  would join us.

The plan for the day was.
1. Pick up Dylan at 8:30
2. Stop at the Science Museum at 9:00am and get tickets for the Elephant Omni show at 2:00
3. Go to the Children's Museum for the morning
4. Have lunch at McDonald's by the Children's musuem
5. Go to the Science Musuem for the movie and maybe some exibits
6. Dinner
7. Boys high school hockey games

Of course it didn't go like that...

The day started at 6:15am with Ryan coming up in our bed saying "good morning guys, it is museum day. I am already dressed so you need to get up." I informed him the sun wasn't up yet so it was time to cuddle. I also successfully got him to go back to sleep until 7:30am when Emmalee joined in the fun and she informed Ryan that the sun was up and mom was "kiddin" We all got up and got ready. We picked up Dylan by 8:45 and got Keith dropped off at the Science Museum door, only to learn the box office opens at 9:30 so we decided to risk it. We got to the Children't Museum and were met by multiple groups and buses. We started on the top and it didn't take long to find the crowds. We made it though the ant tunnels and the dino exhibit before my patience was wearing thin with the unchaperoned children and the chaperone talk circles with their backs to the kids. Although the mom that backed into the emergency exit and set off the screeching alarm was my breaking point and our que to get out of there. We headed down to the works room and we didn't last long down there and Ryan was asking to leave. We quickly stopped by the bus and the post office for a bit of play before leaving. Thank God we had a membership so I didn't feel like I was stuck there in the sea of name tagged kids with colorful t-shirts! After just an hour and a half we were out of there! We got to the Science museum and the kids were hungry so we headed up to the cafe. Everyone enojyed a slow enjoyable lunch with a couple of bathroom breaks. Everything was great until just before we were going to leave the table. Ryan shoved way too much food in his mouth and started choking, something he has been doing quite a bit lately. To be able to breath he ended up puking all over the carpeted cafe floor. I guess you could say we left our mark!

Next up we hit the musical stairs with the hopes of getting rid of some of the hyper bugs that had invaded our pants however it was obvious the kids were getting tired. We visited the Dino's, the sneezing girl, and the hand with the sores on it (Ryan's favorite exhibit) before hitting the snack counter for an ice cream sandwich... I could have bought 3 boxes for what I paid for 3 sandwiches but it got the kids to sit and relax a bit before we had to stand in line for the movie. At 1:30 we got into the que and thank God we did. Four school groups came in right after us. We were pushed like a herd of cattle but were able to sit third row from the top, center, in a sold out show. Everyone enjoyed the elephants and about three minutes into it Ryan claimed "this is awesome!" Then when the stampede took place he couldn't hold me tight enough or get out the words "this is scary" out fast enough. Just as the movie ended and went silent Emmalee felt the need to announce to everyone "we go to hockey now"? Well, hockey didn't happen because as soon as we got home she fell asleep and grandma called and asked the boys if they wanted to have a sleepover. It should be the easiest sleepover grandma has ever had, the boys were exhausted!

My house is a mess, I need to get stuff listed for Munckin Market but for today I accomplished the one thing that trumps everything else. I spent time with my family and made memories that will last for ever.

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