Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "beech"

Emmalee has been "at the beach" everyday for about two months. No, not the real beach, rather, our living room floor. While most kids are wearing clothes, or even jammies she prefers her swimsuit, or as she calls it her "swimming suit" She has been known to lay on the hardwood floors and slide her body across the floor and tell you "I swimmin" A few weeks ago she hauled her body pillow out of her room and now uses it as a air mattress so she can float at the beach. Today we added sun glasses, a sun hat and with the breeze coming in from the open windows and doors she truly believes she is at the beach. Now if she starts hauling in sand from the sandbox the beach will be shut down, but until then I will play along and dream I too am at my favorite beach, Sanibel Island.


  1. She is an absolute whoot! I love her sunglasses. I'm curious if all of her little prize posessions around her (dolls, etc.) are at "the beech" too!

    I am having a little trouble reading the black lettering against the brown background--old age?

  2. you can thank Keith for that... he changed my background on me!! gurrr

    Oh yes we are all at the beech