Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fever!

Today is the first day of spring and I think the kids have internal clocks to remind them that they should now have spring fever. From the moment Ryan got up this morning all he could talk about was going to grandma's today to play with his cousin outside. Where he got this idea I have no idea. When my eyes were fully open and Emmalee was screaming "me too! me too!" I called grandma to see what her plans for the day were. Just my luck they were going to drive up to Cabella's and would gladly take the kids with to see the fish. SCORE! This was perfect seeing I had to work today and Keith needed to go to Rainbow for double coupon day. Grandpa and Grandma had so much fun with the kids at Cabella's they also took them to Stride Rite and Crocs for new shoes... I think they had spring fever too! Just as I got home from work the kids came home happy as could be and a bit tired, but there was no way they could nap they just had spring fever in their pants. After eating for an hour and bouncing around Ryan announced "ah, hey, guys, I have a very important message for grandma, can we call her?" I dialed her up and about 30 seconds into the conversation Ryan says "so, um, do you think we can have a sleepover?" and with those words Em came flying out of somewhere screaming "I sleepover too?" of course grandma and grandpa jumped on the opportunity for a sleepover and Keith and I have jumped on the opportunity to watch New Moon.

I will update you tomorrow on how late into the night their spring fever lasted... I just hope it doesn't last longer then a few days.

Happy First Day of Spring!!

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