Sunday, July 4, 2010

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So I have a love hate relationship with the blog... I love to do it but I hate trying to find the time to squeeze one more thing into my day. Plus what should I blog about? work, kids, saving money tips, Disney? I really don't have a focus other then random babbles. So let's hit each topic listed above today and hopefully I can find a focus for next time!

Work: I am now working 3 jobs! Asst. Manager at Gymboree Rosedale, Youth Minister for Spirit of Hope, and Youth Minister for St. Anne's. This really fills up my calendar fast!

Kids: Both Ry and Em are playing t-ball and Grandpa is coaching them. This fills on Monday and Tuesday nights with fun! Ryan is really into Lego and got to attend his first Lego club last weekend. Em is her lovable self who never seems to surprise me.

Saving money: Well that comes down to two things. Craigslisting our old stuff and shopping at rainbow. We save at least 40% on food by doing double coupon dazes.

Disney: My beloved place. There are so many new and wonderful things going on at both DL and WDW this summer I try not to read to much into it. I have a few friends planning trips right now which is always super fun for me.

okay so this entry is really boring and not exciting or funny at all... I will try better next time.

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