Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's in your bed?

I remember the days when it was just my bed and my blanket. This morning I woke up with a hockey puck, a mini metal slinky, and a bike helmet.... yes a bike helmet! Em was up at 6am again this morning and I guess she thought a great place to hide the toys Ryan wanted was in my bed under my blanket between my head and my knees. The slinky scared me, the puck hurt, and the helmet flat out freaked me out and got me out of bed. So much for mom's day to sleep in!

For the record tonight Ryan is sleeping with about 25 small lego's, a squirt gun, 2 blankets, 2 pillows, a body pillow and a duplo truck. Might as well sleep on a bed of nails... Lego's hurt!

Emmalee is sleeping with so much stuff I can't find her! She has a body pillow, 2 bed pillows. small Veggie Tales pillow, 7 princess dolls, 3 full size blankets, her blankie (aka: the rag) 4 other baby blankets randomly placed, a huge dumbo, a huge stitch, and a back rest. This was just what I could see with out lifting the covers... I am too scared to know what all is in there.  Oh, and I failed to mention "Desiree the Dino" her pink, singing and dancing Dino that randomly plays "please don't stop the music" through the baby monitor all night long. awww, nothing makes you sit straight up and feel like the bad music gang is breaking into your house like Desiree the singing and dancing Dino!

So who is ready for a sleepover?

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  1. I'd offer, but I probably could only do one at a time and they probably wouldnt like that