Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emmalee's 3 year check up

Today I finally got around to em's 3 year check up... only 3 months late. One of the reasons I was kind of avoiding this appointment was this was the appointment that informed us the Ryan had "special needs" and we would have to start testing. The only reason we went now was because as Em put it... "Slimer moved into my nose!" so why not knock out two birds with one stone, right?

As we were called back to the room Emmalee turned up her charm and the batting of the eyelashes began. She weighted in at 38 pounds and measured 37 3/4. The first thing I thought was 2 and 1/4 more inches till she is 40in for Disney! (I am warped!)

Next it came to the eye chart. Suddenly Ryan's experience with this "test" flashed back to me. "he doesn't talk".... "no he can't tell you that is a circle" Em on the other had twirled a circle and said "no that's not a circle it is an "O" because there is no middle" needless to say she passed with flying colors. We got into the room and she pushed herself up onto the table like she was doing the vault event in the Olympics and the nurse said, "well I guess I don't have to test her upper body strength." She hopped down and we started more test's Ryan failed at.... and she soared at. The nurse said "Can you stand on one foot?" Not only does she stand on one foot she proves she could also be in the figure skating competition at the Olympics by sticking her arms out and her leg straight behind her. Her next figure skating move was twirling a few circles without falling on the ground. Finally came the big test to go for the gold ... could she jump with both feet off the floor. Success...and she had to show off that she could jump on one foot too.

The nurse left and gave her a pen to draw on the deli paper on the table. Emmalee left a nice picture of a rainbow, some clouds, her hand traced, and my hand traced. When the doctor came in he was very impressed.

Let me tell you about our doctor... well, you see he was MY doctor as a child. I am use to the normal routine of screaming at the poor old man who can no longer hear. Many of Ryan's doctor appointments went like this:
Dr: do you have any other concerns?
Me: yes, he isn't talking
Dr: He seems to be walking well to me
Me: no, TALKING while using my hand to illustrate talking
Dr: Oh I don't hear him talking, what is wrong with his talking?
I was so excited today to see he had hearing aids! one for each ear and a special stethoscope with increased volume. I few times I found myself talking slow and screaming. I am sure he thinks I am a crazy mom with mental issues!

As he examined her she was an angel no problems and perfectly healthy. Then started the mom questions:
Dr: have you started potty training?
Me: yes, done
Dr: does she wet the bed?
Me: nope never has
Dr: does she have a hard time going to bed?
Me: no she puts herself to bed at about 8:30
Dr: Is there anything she can't do
Me: nope, but I wish there was... like open the closet door so she can change her clothes 12 times a day!
Dr: so she dresses herself?
Me: yep
Dr: Do you have support in raising this child? mental, physical, financial?
Me: Huh? yes, she has a dad and my family lives close
Dr: Do you want papers on how to receive any government assistance during these tough times?
Me: nope we are fine
Dr: The nurse will be in shortly with her shot

a few minutes pass and the nurse comes in

I know the routine. Slap her down on the deli paper. Pull the pants down. Pin the arms. Then WAM she will be saying "that lady hurt me!" and she gets a sticker. I was right on except for one thing... she cried a tiny bit. She never cries. As the stab comes she says "ouchie, ouchie, ouchie and the tears started coming. Then she says "I need my special wampie" (grandpa) So, we left the office but stopped by the sticker station just one more time before going to get a special wampie kiss.

biggest successes of the day: She is healthy, She is Olympic bound for gymnastics or figure skating and oh ... I didn't cry!


  1. I wonder...if there really is anything she can't do.

  2. as long as it can be done in 2.2 seconds she is good. We need to work on patience.