Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daytime TV

Emmalee has been home with Keith and I everyday since November and I admit about 90% of the time the TV is on. One of Em's favorite shows is Ellen. I have over heard her telling Ellen to "shake her booty butt" and scream "HI Ellen! I Emmy! I ova here!" as she waves wildly 2 inches from the TV screen and yes we hit pause on Ellen when she needs a potty break. I thought the worst thing she would pick up would be Ellen's habit of scaring people in the bathroom. However, I never thought about the commercials. Last week I caught her singing "Paw America is right for you, paw America" over and over. Then this morning with her hands on her hips she told Keith "We can approve your loan today" (of course pointing right at him by the time she hit the end of her sales pitch.) If she starts singing the 5-dollar foot long song or saying "You are NOT the father" I might have to re-think our daytime TV.


  1. She can come watch daytime tv with me. ;)

  2. she would return singing the ESPN theme song...da daad da daad

  3. Either that or you'd hear can I go play hockey today?