Friday, February 26, 2010

Lenten Update

I thought you all might like to know how well we are going on our Lenten goals ...

I am pleased to announce Emmalee has failed horribly at at giving up sleep. Thank you to the "slimers" in her nose and a daily dose of cold syrup she is back to sleeping threw the night. However she has officially given up naps (I think)

Last Thursday night we took Ryan to Wal-Mart to fix the clothing status. Yes, I know I work at Gymboree, but really who has $50.00 for an outfit? and have you seen the boys clothes? Not much green and for sure no Disney or Batman! We hit the jackpot! Jeans were on clearance for $7.00 a pair. (I bought for 2 sizes) and shirts for $5.00 galore. We now own plenty of Toy Story, Phineas and Ferb, Batman and green shirts.

For me... well I am doing very well at spending money and sleeping very little.

Yea for Easter... please get here soon!

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