Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I should have been fired for that

I recently read the blog of a man doing youth ministry for 40 years and he blogged all about the dumb things he had done in ministry that thankfully he hadn't been fired for. Which got me to thinking thank God I can't be fired for being a mom.

One of my favorite "mom should have been fired" stories is really about my best friend Angela and her son Jackson. Angela owned her own store front when Jackson was a baby. It was not uncommon to see Jack in his walker roaming the store on a daily basis. As you walked into the store it was a small ramp up to the store. One day Ang had a great idea to push Jack's walker down the ramp for a fun ride. She was smart enough to think to shut the front door before sending him down so he didn't roll right out into the street. However, she didn't think about the force of him rolling and slamming into the shut door...yep she should have been fired!

When Ryan was very little I had bought something at the thrift store that didn't fit in my car (surprised, I know) and I had to borrow my dad's truck. Well I started the truck to warm it up, tossed all my junk in the front seat, buckled Ry in his seat and went to go around to hop in only to find out the doors had locked with the keys in... and Ryan in. Yep, I locked my kid in a running car for 30 minutes.... I should have been fired!

Amazingly the day Emmalee should have fired me also happened in the car. She had just moved up from her baby carrier to her car seat. Keith told me he put the car seat in the the van. I thought he had buckled it all in... nope. Emmalee was safely strapped in her car seat as we took the turn at Dale and Minnehaha on our way to daycare when suddenly the whole seat went sideways and forward and landed wedged between the front seat and the seat next to her as she hung on to the straps holding her in. Needless to say Thank God the car seat straps worked and yes, I should have been fired!

So spill it... what should you have been fired for? or from?

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