Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Macky Donald's Day

For three weeks we have been hearing all about Sasha, Ryan's girlfriend at school. Everyday Ryan wakes up and asks the same thing... "is there school today?'' If the answer is "yes" his reply is "I will see Sasha today." (with a huge smile) If the answer is "no" his reply is "can Sasha have a play date with me today?" We started off my saying "no, you can't have a play date because your room isn't clean and Sasha doesn't like messes" After two weeks that really didn't work anymore but Ryan never gave up asking everyday.

This past Monday was parent day at school and we got to see Ryan and Sasha in action. When it came to lunch he saved her a seat next to him and everyone knew to leave room for Sasha next to Ryan. Ryan opened her milk for her and he tried to open her uncrustable. One by one the teachers came over and asked us if we knew about their love. It was very cute. Sasha's parents couldn't make parents day due to work but I promised Ryan I would send a note home with Sasha. Monday night Ryan's dream's came true. Sasha's mom called and asked if Saturday at McDonald's play place would work for a play date. When Ryan learned of the play date you would have thought he won a million dollars. So rather then hearing "is there school today"? the question changed to "is today Saturday?" Well today was Saturday! Ryan and Sasha played side-by-side for an hour and a half.

Watching these two in action reminds you how simple love really is and we really are made to love one another... Happy Valentines Day... I hope all your dreams come true just like Ryan's did!

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  1. That's a great story and memory. I hope you took some pictures. I hope Ryan had a good time.